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To keep your whites white!!


Washing tips to keep your WhiteCottonClub white.

     Certain products used by our grandmothers are still doing miracles today! There is no question of throwing away your garments that were exposed to the outside and were yellowed by the sun!


     1) OXI-Clean

    We recommend the use of Oxiclean as an add-on to your regular detergent or you can purchase detergents that have it already in their formula. It keeps your whites white and will remove any stains from red wine to tomato sauce.


     2) Baking Soda

  Baking soda is a magical product. Perfectly ecological and odorless, baking soda whitens. Added to liquid detergents, its effectiveness is increased. Add 2 tablespoons of baking soda in 1 dose of detergent for routine maintenance. To Whiten yellowed clothing, mix in the final rinse cycle a small package of baking soda.


     3) Lemon

  Not only lemon is a great degreaser for any home, it is proved to be very effective to restore white garments that have become yellow or gray. Simply add the juice of one lemon into your laundry load or add it to the final since cycle for routine maintenance. To whiten clothes, soak them in a warm water bath with added lemon juice (2 lemons per gallon of water) for about an hour.